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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
Please try with;down=57
You will get some warnings, but at least you should see your projects.

For the warnings, I just do not know:
1) does Sonar 5 support mono outputs from SoftSynth (for multi-outputs synth)?
2) does Sonar 5 support audio stretching?
If yes, I can give you instructions to help me support that in conversion.

Note that MIDI track parameters (channel, bank, patch) and send automations are not yet converted in current version.
It's trying to import some of my old Sonar 5 projects. Most of them don't though and just give me the message "Unfortunately, something went completely wrong, sorry...".

But some of them (maybe it's only ones with audio) popup a search for the audio dialog, and when I point it to my Sonar audio folder it acts like it is loading the waves, but when it's finished, nothing has been loaded in Reaper.
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