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Here's some things I would like to see implemented:

1. Changing articulation by keyswitch
2. Sending velocity information with said keyswitch (I have several sample libraries that have velocity sensitive KS now)
3. Sending CC value alone or along with KS
4. Sending to different MIDI channels (I know this can be done in the ME already, but I feel that being able to modify all the midi data from one channel to be more intuitive to me, because then I won't have to switch channel every time I want to edit a particular part/note.)
5. The ability to combine all of those, and send multiple CC, KS, and MIDI channel info at once
6. A system that is not playback dependent, but that would be able to be live recordable as well
7. Articulation rules being connected to individual notes rather than the entire channel.

I think for me #5 would knock it out of the park. Especially if you can send keyswitches with CCs to two different midi channels at once. It would be useful for me in that then I could combine articulations to create my own. e.g. I have sustain on CH1 and staccato on CH2, for a particular rule I could activate both CH1+2 to create a sustain w/ a staccato accent. e.g. 2: If there are keyswitches built into a patch, I could still layer articulations by loading two of those patches on different channels, so I could send "Sustain KS" to channel 1, and "Staccato KS" to channel 2 to create that same sustain w/ staccato accent.

For #6, I think it would make my workflow easier to be able to activate the particular articulations/rules I create before and while I record rather than recording a take, then having to go through the take to change the articulations to what I wanted. This would make it appeal to both the "live playing" crowd as well as the "draw the midi in" crowd.

#7 is perhaps pie in the sky, but if there are two notes played as a chord on the same channel, it would be cool to trigger two different articulations at the same time, so I could mark C5 as staccato, for example, and E5 as sustain.

I don't think I'm very good at explaining what I mean accurately, so if there's anything I've said that sounds like gibberish, I can try again to explain. Either way, I'm excited about whatever system is implemented.


P.S. I think TransMIDIfier is a great example of how to create a flexible articulation management system. It not only allows you to activate the different articulations, but also creatively combine them.
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