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Amazing idea and potential! I can't believe I just found out about it today.

A few thoughts/suggestions about the interface:

-Would be nice if it was re-sizable.

-Show/hide columns and change column order.

-Add a column for comments (which can be hidden) so the author can provide a more meaningful description and doesn't need to try to cram it all into the script title.

-Link to the script author's webpage (maybe when right-clicking on their name). That way it could be easy if someone gets a lot of benefit from a script and wishes to make a small donation to show appreciation.

-This might not be so easy, but a way for users to rate scripts that can be synced with the repos. That way when a new user first opens ReaPack and sees 500+ scripts they could sort by community rating to get an idea of where to start by what others have found useful...
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