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Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
Nothing to do with SWS but the way REAPER is designed. You sure you read the REAPER manual?
I was pretty sure that it is a REAPER thing and had nothing to do with contextual TB. Yes, I read the manual but sometimes get a bit overwhelmed and misled,
so sorry if you got the impression that I would be too lazy to work through the manual.

Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
You didn't assign shortcut in the MIDI editor section of the action list. Find the appropriate action in MIDI editor action list and assign it the same shortcut you use in the main window.
You mean that in the arrange view

And that in the midi editor

Simply my fault. I just thought of the TB but not about the context (!!!), dumb me, so obvious, sorry.

Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
If MIDI editor has the focus, shortcuts aren't automatically passed over to main window. You need to assign them the same way you did for the main window. That's why contextual toolbars have actions in all REAPER sections.
This is not really covered in the manual, but in the Reaper-Wiki. I did not have to set it up like this.
It worked by just giving it the right shortcut in the action list, thank´s Breeder.
I sometimes really struggle with the technical part. But I guess there are a lot of "non-programmers" out there.
Maybe the screenshots are of some help if someone searches for that.
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