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Hey guys, 2 things...

Could we get it so resource bookmarks automatically order alphabetically?

I like to use a number to categorize types of track template, the unfortunate thing is that if I add anything new, it throw my whole system out of whack. Though if I just keep adding bookmarks, eventually I end up with a whole mash of bookmarks that are completely unorganized and are really hard to navigate/manage.

As you can see, now if I want to add anything, it's going to be pushed to the bottom of the list

Btw, I also found that if I delete a bookmark, it is actually deleting any track templates within the folder that the bookmark is set to autofill/save to. I was pretty bummed out when I went to re-organize my bookmarks, only to realize all my actual template had been deleted. Luckily I have them backed up, bit still, just thought you should know.

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