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Bjorn, your answer has merit.

Analog tape in the 1970's wasn't nearly as good as the later formulations, especially regarding print-through (signal recorded on one layer, getting through to the next... creating "echoes" or "pre-echoes" depending on how the tape is wound up), how much magnetic energy it takes to record signal, how quiet the tape is before noise reduction is applied, etc.

Engineers in that era weren't yearning for the "vintage sound" of equipment used 20 years before. They were busy fighting against the technical limitations at the time. They tried to get every ounce of perceived listening experience out of what they had, whether new, top-shelf, purpose-built for recording, or grimy, abused radio leftovers.

When I see people creaming their shorts over an unrestored Pultec EQ, I chuckle a little. Even at its' best, a Pultec had its' fans and its' detractors.

However, right at this moment in time, we can walk into a mega-store and buy a computer more powerful than the ones used for the Apollo moon missions.

We can use them to create music, mix and master, shoot covers, create art, shoot footage of a live performance, burn a DVD (for archival purposes, LOL) and send the entire media package around the world in a matter of hours or minutes. For this kind of access, people used to spend millions of dollars, and now we can do it from our homes.

I'm a big fan of 60's and 70's music, but I'm glad to be alive now.
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