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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
Re: Amplitube3

For my purposes, Scuffham, especially now they added the Tweed Deluxe clone, is rexcellent.
And much to my surprise, so is Peavey Revalver.
And for instant "that will work in a track" the elderly Waves GTR.

I still have some older tracks with Amplitube3 on them, but ut for the "dirty-clean but fat" sounds I use mostly, the others work better. For me.

I personally think Amplitube3 is the best IKMM product I own.
I had a version of Waves GTR many years ago. They're still pumping out good amp sims? I'll go check them out and the others too.

Thanks for the info and yeah I think Amplitube 3 is the best IKMM product. I've got several products from them and it seems to be the only thing I don't have major issues with. Amplitube 2 Live on the other hand crashes Reaper consistently for me. Or it used to, I just don't use it anymore except in Standalone mode sometimes when I'm jamming with someone.

Originally Posted by suleiman View Post
I will check this out...

Also, if i had a penny for every time you helped someone, i would give you the millions !
Thanks !
Yeah, DarkStar is awesome. He's a walking Reaper Encyclopedia.
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