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Default Ninjam Development

Hi Nean, I'm building a hosting company that specializes in games and web pages, however as a musician I am incredibly interested in the capabilities of Ninjam. I am working with some developers to try and build a server network for musicians, bands and artists to collaborate live across the world without needing to be in the same room at the same time.

With my setup, artists will be able to rent a server for a monthly fee and use the Ninjam clients to login and jam together. They can use the built-in features to edit the jam to their liking and have other friends and artists join at any time.

We're looking to set up the servers for interested clients and charge a fee. This is my first post, I'm reaching out to the Reaper and Ninjam community to see if there is any interest in this venture. I've emailed the Reaper development team (side note: big shout-out to you guys for making such an awesome program!) and they are far too busy to help me out, but I want to thank them for creating the Ninjam setup and making this at all possible.

Setups are under development now and will surely be ready soon. Feel free to ask any questions directly to me if this is something you and the rest of the community are interested in.
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