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d.bop.... yeah hey I feel for ya! too many heads spoil the soup, eh?

I'd be happy to mess with the code but I'm simply not a programmer.

As I've said, I'm happy to do the grunt work on the graphics to meet whatever is desired or needed. ck yer email plz, ok?

yes, IMO, a setting page is only the reference atm.

however you and I did have a thought about adding a 'hold' redline that could be turned on or off... but I don't know if that fell by the wayside or what.

That feature is part of the Klanghelm meters and IMO is valuable, but maybe no one else cares... ???

So yeah, please be easy with all this and I for one don't want to see your generosity become a pressure on you!
...should be fixed for the next build...
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