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I don't think you understand how multi-item editing can be a very powerful way of working. And I don't think you understand that you CAN still focus on just one item in this paradigm of work. Nothing is lost for you.

The guy is constantly in piano roll. And he did not need to create ANY items to do all this stuff. He just selected the tracks he wanted to edit, and items were created where he was inputting notes. This is eliberating and FAST way to work. Also notice that he still sometimes goes outside of piano roll to select different items which changes what is shown in piano roll, this is changing focus to items you really want to see. So nothing is lost with Reaper's current workflow paradigm. It's pretty obvious what benefits of multi-item/track-based editing offer.

Reaper is not there yet. We don't have the MIDI editor control panel ("Filter" window currently) dockable to the MIDI editor itself. This is an unnecessary hurdle. Also, this Filter window is a mess. It unnecessarily lists all the damn items under each track of all selected items+tracks you've sent to piano roll. This is not a healthy way of work. I just want to see the tracks, please. I don't want to focus on whatever the damn item I'm going to input the notes to. I am interested in the TRACK, because one track = one sound in this philosophy. Also notice the speed the guy is working with here. Reaper can't touch this kind of smoothness yet, at all. The reasons are pretty obvious.

I really can't see how you can think that this work paradigm removes you from being "in charge". It really doesn't, as you can see in the videos above.

Originally Posted by medicine tactic View Post
Track-based MIDI is a monolithic abstraction intended to shield you from the reality of composing MIDI, like a lie we tell children.
This is completely false. And I don't like your tone of this statement. It's like you're belittling the importance of this very important feature request for quite a lot of Reaper users. And if you ruin this for us who see the benefit you obviously can't (as in, the devs never implement this because of YOUR negative stance on this feature)... well that is just plain rude and unforgivable.

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