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I'll be happy if I can simply work through time without having to worry about manually extending items. That would basically be like track midi for me, with the exception of having to create an item first.

Right now we can add a note outside of an item and it will be extended, but it seems you cannot use the normal actions you would use, like click and drag to create a note and determine it's length, and various other things like pasting with ctrl+v at the border of the item don't work.

We would also need a visible, but possibly dimmed grid so that we can actually see where notes we want to add are landing.

There also need to be some more tools for manipulating midi that may have been passed over with the assumption that the function would be done to items. For example, there doesn't even seem to be a duplicate selected notes function. Select some notes and hit ctrl+d and the item in the arrange view will be duplicated! Really weird, considering that lots of windows in Reaper prevent basic key commands from going through, but this one passes through.

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