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Default Pacific Northwest Concert update

Got word that the Sustain King, Maestro Claw did not do opening night at Willows up near Federal Way. It was a mutual contract dump. He was too loud for the place and didn’t fit the uptown disco motif they were looking for to get the dance floor rolling.
They said be belonged in a conservatory at some university school of music and not a bar.

So...lo and behold, there’s a couple upcoming gigs at OSU in Corvallis, Oregon and in Tigard (better give a heads up to Guitar Center). His sweet daughter is creating a website which can be Googled probably under “The Claw” and “Solarians”.

The 3 piece band is somewhere between the mode of Robin Trower and the New York Philharmonic, bass player doing the singing and Claw trying to sing (can’t carry a tune for crap and ruins everything). I think I pissed him off as we were politely arguing the merits of effects pedals and plugs, which he doesn’t believe in. He asked me to give an example a single effect that would be any use to him. I told him a mute button for his voice. That’s the last time he’s been to the coast.

This is one of the world’s premier guitarists, light years ahead of the game. These concerts redefine the potential of the hollow-body six string electric ('ll hear my Byrdland funk mod in all it's woodwind orchestral glory!!) Anybody in the area that gets notice or sees his red and white sign with dates and places, please post the info. I’ll be there with a laptop and Reaper, and will upload ogg files so everyone can share the rush.

Haven’t dropped the strat mod. Will get on it soon.

Hope all are well. Still humbled by the volume and quality of the work you guys are contributing to this grand project.

John K
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