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Found this thread recently, and I am having issues as a newb to routing. I posted another thread about this a while back, but I didn't get any answer to my seemingly easy solution. I have made progress thanks to another user on another forum, but I still need help to solve the puzzle.

I'm using Geist as my VSTi and I got a track template from this guy in the giest forums. The template works great, so technically I guess I could start working, but I am truely trying to grasp routing a bit more, so I have been attempting to recreate the template on my own from scratch, but I have not had success.

In the template, (the tracks in order he has a Geist folder, then the geist instrument, then each of the 16 pads from geist laid to tracks in reaper, with 4 sub folders, for each row in the pads in geist. Now, in his template, he had signal going to each track. With my recreation, I only get signal from the geist instrument track, and then the master track next to it. When I click on any pad in geist, I get sound, but no signal shows up in any of the 16 tracks, except the first one. (As far as I know)I have recreated every step that the template has taken with the sends and recieves, but my version isn't working. Can anyone explain what is going on, and what I am doing wrong? Thanks.
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