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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
Updated (see link in post #1) with:
  • Other comparison operators ( >=, <=, ==, !=, !, ?, AND) expanding on what is in the sdk a bit.
  • 'Always' Comparisons (does 1=1?, etc...)
  • Predefined Variables appendix
  • default_layouts.txt appendix
Great update WT. Your work is very much appreciated. Many more things in WALTER make sense to me now.

One thing I just read which I hope the devs change is this...
You can’t change VU meters.
You can change any image in the subfolders that has a corresponding WALTER entry - panel
backgrounds, buttons, faders but not the VU images The VU images you use for your
defaults will always be used, if VUs are visible, in all layouts VUs are special because they have
special drawing behaviour, not least because of the settings you can make in REAPER’s Options
> Preferences > VU meters
That bites!!! The VU meters are one of the main reasons I wanted to use this WALTER function. I'm working on the V4 version of my Neve, Calrec, Bob Katz theme and it has four variations (K12, K14, K20 and uncalibrated) which specifically use different VU meter png's!! I was hoping to use the folder feature to make having four different complete themes and folders redundant (they are basically the same theme with four differently calibrated RMS VU meter settings) but alas, this is not yet possible. *sigh*
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