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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
The Kontakt VSTi comes in various versions with different numbers of outputs. For example, Kontakt 3.5 has 08, 16 and 32 output versions. (that is 4, 8, 16 stereo channels).

It sounds like you've loaded the 8 output (4 stereo) version. Try the 32-output version (or the 64-output version if you're using Kontakt 4).
I tried using the 64 out, as I am using Kontakt 4, and I gain 1 extra stereo channel, and the rest become mono channels, exactly like this:

Stereo 1/2->New track 2 ""
Stereo 3/4->New track 3 "Kt.aux1"
Stereo 5/6->New track 4 "Kt.aux2"
Stereo 7/8->New track 5 "Kt.aux3"
Stereo 9/10->New track 6 "Kt.aux4"

Mono 11->New track 7 "Kt. unassigned[1]" (repeats all the way until it reaches "Mono 64"

Any thoughts? I tested and can route properly to the mono track, but it kills a lot of the source effects from Kontakt. Need stereo.

Thanks again!
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