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- fair enough though. but as a final hurrah could you help us get it working 'A OK' for those like above and myself that are getting odd results first!?

I can understand how it might feel a bit weird doing a clone and you don't want to get hate mail from PT nuts. i know i wouldn't.

i'd just like to try it out properly but can't get a normal toolbar to appear atm, it could be remnants of older versions/ different install methods.


interesting turn of events though in retrospect - user after user clamours for PT behaviour, look and feel but without the hardwired approach, then when we get it it's like "oh - why did i want this again?, me n walter can make it look and behave far cooler than That -

no doubt it will be handy for regular PT folk whom i respect greatly (yada yada disclaimer if anything above was considered anti-PT, which it isn't )
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