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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
Nice one!

Be really funny when 4 comes out and some one gives a complete pro tools overhaul zip that gives you menus, mouse modifiers, look etc but with the reaper stuff underneath it all as a bonus!
The download includes a menuset, a keymap, and a cursor folder, allowing you to do exactly that.

Im winding these up into a configzip file tonight, that will do all that with a single click.
Soon the download in the stash will have just a themezip file and a configzip file.

And like you stated, i like to have the PT menus and kc's, but i also cannot live without some of the default reaper menus, and reaper allows me to have them sitting below the PT ones in the menu, perfectly seperated!

I now need to clean up the panknob bg, and the toolbar bg is out of whack, now that we can pin it across the top (YES!), so i will fix that tonight.

Ive also reduced the amount of hard black in the entire theme, making it both a bit more PT authentic, and much easier on the eyes.
The MIDI piano roll now has the default PT greys and blues.
Ive fixed a few mistakes in the menuset.
I made a sexy Beat Detective icon (the guy in the hat) and mapped that to SWS/AW: Fill Gaps Between Selected items (Advanced). Its now in Toolbar 3

Quite a few cosmetic fixes coming, but today i have a family christmas party

Will upload tonight, Sydney time.
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