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Originally Posted by megacurve View Post

Sound On Sound Magazine November and December 2009 had two good issues on extreme metal production. Also video interviews with producers of note in the field. Worth looking at.

Two of the main points in those articles is high pass filtering everything for clarity, and fixing timing and mic phase.

This little two minute ditty uses all the high pass filtering, and way too much limiting, for that "Death Magnetic" sound 8^)

Guitar (strat with humbucker bridge pickup) and JBass DI'ed (and standard tuning, not metal Drop D), cab simulators, line 6 pedal, bass floor pod, Drum Kit from Hell and Reaper with KJAERHUS AUDIO limiter and short delay...

Anyone know how to get the "lamb of god" redneck more distant sound?
That's the interview series with Russ Russel and Andy Sneap if I am not mistaken - Really good video's, and they help put things into perspective.

There are a few more out there that were posted just recently. Andy is putting together producer presets for Superior Drummer's Metal Foundry expansion - the video is over at Toontrack's site - pretty cool - that guy is my idol when it comes to metal mixes!

Originally Posted by cerendir View Post
This is looking to be an interesting thread. I rarely write metal anymore, for the simple reason that it's so damn hard getting a good sound using sampled drums etc. It seems no matter what I try it turns out cheesy and fake-sounding.

Personally I'm especially interested in how you guys deal with fitting keys into guitar-heavy mixes. Or maybe that doesn't count as real metal?
It is hard to get a good sound. That's the subject of my next full post!

Originally Posted by Sibben View Post
This thread is awesome. I'm laughing out loud at work. It does not really matter. They all suspect/guess/know I'm on probation from the funny house anyway. But I like to remind them once in a while.

I'm really looking forward to hear what people say here even if I don't produce metal. All the knowledge in these forums are gold.
I wanted to put some posts up that were entertaining but at the same time informative - glad you're enjoying so far man! You gotta laugh in life!

Originally Posted by pattonfreak1 View Post
Sticky please...
That would be cool!
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