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OK. This wasn't what I expected. I downloaded the naiant meter and dropped a mono version on a drum overhead track. The REAPER track meter shows peaks around -6. The naiant VU meter, cal'd to -18, is barely moving (above -20).

Now I add the trim plug in and ADD 12-15dB of GAIN to get the meter to 0. Naturally, REAPER's track meter is now slamming but the naiant is showing that everything is fine, at least with respect to the discussions in this thread.

Hmmm... I'm guessing it's because the drums have high peak levels but low average levels?

When I try it on a bass track, with REAPER peaks around -18, I need less gain and the REAPER meters end up peaking around -6. I'm guessing this is because the bass has lower peaks but a higher average level?

In both cases though I'm boosting the recorded level. In all these threads the advice has been to reduce the levels.

I need more help! Brain melting!
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