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Default "better mixes with track levels @ -20dBfs"

I felt like I was hijacking the McGurk Effect thread (, so here's a new one.

In there, yep claimed,

"Doing basically the same mix twice, except doing one where I keep the average per-track signal level at -20dBFS or so, I'm finding way better results with the "quiet" mix, and ugly, "digital" brittleness when I disregard gain-staging even when it's supposedly irrelevant."

So, let's say you've got source tracks of varying peak levels. You then either use a volume plugin first or adjust the pre-fx gain for every track to place it at about -20dBfs? I assume it would be best if the signals were recorded at that level rather than adjusted to that level?

I'm somewhat understanding the analog/digital/electrical background to this concept but am having trouble understanding the method, techniques or workflow to best take advantage of it.

BTW, I'm continually amazed at the levels of knowledge, community and support in these forums. Infinite thanks...
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