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Originally Posted by DarthFader View Post
Sure it's nice that Reaper has an SDK and this and that and JS and yadda.

But it's not nice that users have to essentially become part time unpaid employees to have the features they need.
I would say that loading a plugin and configure some controls to show up on your mixer or track-view is miles apart from the stuff you describe here.

Just to make it clear, I'm not opposed to more midi-development. I'm a midi user myself and there is room for improvement. But at the same time I have seen several updates come by that have new midi-stuff in them. And the current feature set for midi is far from unusable. I also think that being humble towards the devs has nothing to do with 'fanboi-ism' and a lot to do with understanding that development needs time... and try to find another host-software that is being developed at this pace, and even if you do, check the pricetag on that package. Having some healthy expectations might help a lot.

I have used (or tried to use) other hosts, and while some of them didn't even give me anything close to the feature set of Reaper, none of them gave me the flexibility, development speed and awesome community that I enjoy now. For that, I can have some patience.

But, to each it's own, horses for courses, ymmv.... and all that jazz
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