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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
I seem to see the same picture you are. And I agree that if Cockos ever introduces another member of the dev team, he should be deeply tied with MIDI and improve greatly on that part of Reaper. There's so much that needs to be done to, yes you have the correct word, STREAMLINE working with MIDI in Reaper!

Originally Posted by Susan G View Post

I appreciate the improvements I've seen in REAPER's MIDI handling so far. Definitely a +1 for me that it needs more "love", though!

Setting aside the missing tools and actions (for now ), the way REAPER handles split items in the MIDI editor still feels very awkward to me. I'd like to be able to open all items on a track in one editor without all the blank and disabled areas, so I could just move smoothly through the time line.

It feels very disjointed the way it is, and even though I know I can glue the items together first or click on different items to enable them as I go along, neither solution is ideal, IMO. I like being able to see split items in the arranger, but in the ME I'd like to be able to insert, move, or lengthen notes wherever I want without having to stretch the MIDI item manually or go back to the arrange pane to create a new one.

Coming from SONAR, REAPER's approach to this feels very clunky. MIDI data on a track should be a stream, but sometimes it feels more like I'm jumping from rock to rock!

BTW, I posted an FR that would add "View: Size to fit time selection" to the View options, which would make it a little easier to focus on one area of a longer MIDI item:


Yes Midi needs some lovin'...........
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