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I have tried Windows 7 32bit dual XP boot. I am getting constant stuttering when clicking on some buttons, when going into menus, when browsing my disks. I am running 512samples latency. Tried with my ASIO driver and with ASIO4ALL.

Somewhere I read this has something to do with Aero feature. Any words about it?

The system seems rock solid and blazing fast, I need to make up for the audio issue, and maybe will go to 7 soon. However, the plugin charge reaper can take is the same in W7 as in XP. 600 Reacomps aprox, 50 per channel, 90-95% load. However I am getting less memory usage in XP. 83 in XP to 133 in W7.

Q6600, 4gm ram. GF7600GS, TC Electronic Konnekt Live.
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