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Default Combined MIDI / Audio tracks [SampleTank 2.

You can also combine the input MIDI and output audio tracks. My thanks to Tallisman for defining this method.

Please note that Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC) and Feedback Routing are not compatible. If any plugins in your project introduce delay then the timing of this VSTi's track will be off.

Originally Posted by Tallisman View Post
Please note:
The Feedback Routing Track Templates for VSTis were originally created as a stop-gap. A way to lessen the track count since we were not able to nest folders, nor hide tracks from the TCP.

Now we can nest folders and thanks to SWS' amazing extension we can hide tracks 'till the cows come home. So the only real advantage of AFBR Track templates for VSTis is gone... the real disadvantage remains however... PDC will break. If you want to treat the audio of one of those VSTi outputs... better make sure you are using a plugin that introduces no delay.
Also, please read this, from Justin:


1 Load the VSTi onto a track:
I am using the 32-output version of SampleTank 2 here (16 stereo channels). I have loaded 4 instruments and set their outputs within SampleTank to different ST output channel pairs.

2 Build 16 tracks of MIDI input and, for each track, rename each track and select the MIDI input device/channel:
... Big pic:

3 Build the additional Send routing, from the VSTi track back to the "MIDI" tracks:
Click the [io] button on the VSTi track, select "Add Sends to all tracks" in the "Add new send menu".
... Big pic:

4 Route the audio from the VSTi track:
Click the [io] button. In the track routing window, change the number of channels on the track to match those available within the VSTi, 32 in this case. For each of the sends that you added in the previous step, 16 in this case, change the Send source to the next pair of audio channels, 3/4, 5/6 etc.
... Big pic:

5 Enable "feedback":
This is important. At the moment, the signal routing is MIDI keyboard > MIDI > track > VSTi > audio > back to the same track. Reaper views this as potential feedback and, by default, does not allow it.

To enable this routing, click the Project Settings icon (or press lt+Enter), select the Project Settings tab and tick "Allow feedback in routing", then OK].
... Big pic:

Note that in this case there is no audio feedback loop. But when you add further tracks to your project double-check that you do not introduce any audio routing loops, by viewing the Routing Matrix. Audio feedback loops can damage your monitors or ears or both.

6 Route the audio to the Master Mixer,
Select all the tracks, click the [io] button and enable Master/Parent Send to route the audio to the Master Mixer channel.
... Big pic:

7 Save it as a track template.

And here's the result:
... Big pic:

I am playing my MIDI keyboard on channel 4, receiving those MIDI notes on Reaper track "ST2.5 D", sending them to SampleTank 2.5 to trigger the Taurus Smooth Lead instrument, sending the audio to SampleTank's channels 7+8 which are routed to the track's Audio 7/8 channels which are then sent to track "ST2.5 D" and then to the Master Mixer.
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