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Default Separate MIDI Input and Audio Out tracks [Kontakt 3]

1 Load the VSTi onto a track:
I am using the 8-output version of Kontakt 3 here (4 stereo channels).
Click the [FX] button which opens the FX Browser, browse to the VSTi, double-click it to load it.
... Big pic:

2 Build 16 tracks of MIDI input and, for each track, select the MIDI input device/channel:
In the FX Chain window, click [Options] select "Build 16 channels of MIDI routing to this track".
For each of the MIDI tracks, right-click the Record [R] button, select the MIDI input device and channel.
... Big pic:

3 Build the multichannel output for the audio routing, resulting in 4 output tracks:
In the FX Chain window, click [Options] select "Build multichannel routing for output of selected FX".
... Big pic:

4 Minimise the tracks so you can see them all:
You will now have the VSTi track, the audio output tracks and the MIDI input tracks.
Press ` to minimise them all and rename them suitably, by double clicking the existing track name and typing in the desired name.

5 Configure the routing inside the VSTi; for Kontakt 3:
- create the additional Kontakt Mixer channels if needed,
- connect each Kontakt Mixer channel to the appropriate VSTi Reaper outputs,
- route each Instrument to the desired Kontakt mixer channel.
... Big pic:

6 Put all the tracks in a folder:
Add a track in front of the Kontakt 3 VSTi track and one after the last track. Set the Folder start and end settings on these two tracks.
... Big pic:

7 You can also remove all the MIDI input tracks and the VSTi track from the Mixer:
As these tracks do not output any audio, they do not need to be represented in the Mixer.
Select the tracks, right-click and untick "Show selected tracks in Mixer".
.... Big pic:

8 Or you could put the MIDI Ins in one folder and the VSTi and Audio outs in another.
... Big pic:

Here I have put the VSTi and audio tracks (coloured green) in one folder, the MIDI Input tracks (coloured rose) in another. I am playing my MIDI keyboard on channel 2, receiving those notes on Reaper track "MIDI 2" and have routed this to trigger the third instrument in Kontakt, sending the audio to its third Mixerchannel (named st.3) which is routed to the third audio output track ("Kt st.3 L) and from there to the Master mixer.

Finally, and most importantly, save the setup as a Track Template. Select ALL the tracks, right-click, select "Save selected tracks as track template", enter a name and click [Save].
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