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Originally Posted by Xane002 View Post
There's something wrong with Live Configs....this used to work like Steve mentioned.

I used to use Live Config to switch track presets for Mach 5. Then I went to Kontakt and used simple Program Changes...but, it used to work.

What I was doing was setting a track with ReaMidiControlTrack (CC31) into MIDItoReaControlPath_x64. On this track I would set automation points which represented CC31 values. The value would be converted by the two plugins and fed Live Config, which for every song, would select an FX Preset for my track with Mach5. It's not working any longer.

I need to get this working on an older laptop as a backup. With the older laptop, and with my newer live laptop, Live Configs does not seem to be seeing input.
I figured out my problem: if using Reaper64, use the 64bit version of MIDItoReaControlPath, i.e. MIDItoReaControlPath_x64.vst (MacOS)
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