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I seems to be a troll... But I have watched the (second) video 2 times and digged the web site. I have not understood a bit. Where are the files? Where is the new comparison ?
The first video is clear. Without going deep into technical details, the man has matched everything correctly and demonstrated the result. But the second one puzzle me, sorry.

"Is the summing the same?". Summing is summing, 1+1=2. For some reason some people believe that "audio summing" in the digital domain is not mathematical summing. From my knowledge it is. Sample from one track + Sample in the next track + ... = summed sample.

Yes, what is going on around is another topic. Sampled signal has finite noise level (-96dB for 16bit, -144dB for 24bit, 32 bit FP format also has just 24bit precision, just for any signal level). Dithering increase the noise level to improve sonic perception. Pan law is not extremely well defined thing, different DAWs can scale the signal differently, even in case they call the preferences the same (I have tried to find REAPER preferences for all possible Cakewalk Sonar pan law preferences, only with partial success). Etc.

Sorry, I am just confused what this thread is about
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