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Default yamaha mox editor vst initialization

I'm using Yamaha MOX synthesizer with MOX editor VST. It is a VST3i plugin.
It works well with Reaper but there's one inconvenience.

The plugin needs to synchronize with the hardware synth to work properly.
In Cubase when you load a project contaning MOX Editor VST, the plugin starts synching automatically. Even when the main screen of the plugin is closed.

In Reaper it starts synching only when you call the plugin's window. So each time I change project I have to open the plugin's window.
It takes time and really annoying.

The only way I found is to leave the plugin's window open and save the project. So when I load the project later, the plugin's window shows up automatically and the plugin starts synching. Anyway it is not that good as I don't need that window all the time. So each time I have to close it.

Are there any other ways to make it start synching on project load? Or maybe it is a bug?

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