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Default Let's Build a CLF-Reader Directivity Plugin (weighted shaper/loudspeaker simulator)


I recently sent an email to Daniel Rudrich (IEM Plugins) regarding this very idea and asked his thoughts towards it (he hasn't responded quite yet, but I'm patient):

What about a plugin that using data from CLF files, can process directivity and shaping attributes from CLF files straight to your favorite DAW's (Reaper) tracks/channels?!

For those that may not know the wonder of CLF files (, I highly recommend researching the CLF Group url provided. It's a quick read, honestly. Essentially, CLF is a free file-extension/format that many companies use to store centralized data regarding their loudspeakers' sonic capabilities, which have typically been measured using state-of-the-art technology in anechoic chambers.

As previously stated, my idea is that to assist in the process of binaural/auralization audio design/production, we (I, you, anyone) create a plugin that can read CLF files, and then apply their sonic characteristics straight to DAW audio.

P.S. I want to clarify; this technology does currently exist, just not in open-source format, and it will not apply real-time to your DAW like a plugin would. The softwares that have this capability are typically outrageously expensive (Odeon, CATT-Acoustic, etc.). The only thing I found that can sortof accomplish this task for free is Bose Modeler, but unfortunately, it is very inconvenient to use in this regard, is not real-time, and when rendered only produces audio @ 16-bit quality.

P.P.S. Also, it is my understanding that the CLF Group will provide developers with tools/documentation per request, regarding the usage of their file-extension format.

Who's with me!? I've got a couple bucks I'm willing to shell into this project, and maybe other Reople (Reaper-people) do too!


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