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Default Input Signal Hot, Playback Quiet

Hi all,

I am using windows 10 PC
Focusrite 18i20
Sennheiser e600 series drum mics

When I am recording drums in reaper I have to set the gain on my interface to zero in order to avoid clipping when striking the drums at even a moderate strength.

Focusrite control is showing at the same strength of striking (~50% effort) a reasonable signal read (moving from green and just touching yellow). At full strength my Focusrite control gets barely into red but doesn’t clip. Reaper however is clipping at 50% effort.

Playback is very quiet.

I have no f/x on at all.

Reaper and the interface are both set to the same sample rate.

After some research I have read people suggesting to add an effect to reduce input signal strength, or add a mixing board between the interface and the DAW. Neither of these seem reasonable given the quality of equipment I am using.

Any help you can offer would be a massive help. I am very new to this and am at a loss.

Thanks for all your help.

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