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Default Enabling HiDPI mode step by step

Originally Posted by srdmusic View Post
Can anyone on this forum explain how I would go about using the HiDPI version of the Reaper theme?
Try again, it works:

1. Enable HiDPI mode of Reaper:

“Options” menu → “Preferences” item → “General” tab → “Advanced UI/system tweaks” button → “HiDPI mode (Windows 7+)” dropdown → “Aware (experimental)” item.

Overriding DPI mode via executable’s properties is a workaround intended solely for non-DPI-aware software, it does not make sense to use it with Reaper given that Reaper has an explicit built-in option for the same purpose.

2. Restart Reaper. This is crucially important because enabling DPI-awareness in a Windows application programmatically is solely possible when no windows created and shown yet.

3. Install the HiDPI theme by drag-and-dropping it to Reaper window.

4. Select the HiDPI theme in Reaper:

“Options” menu → “Themes” item → “Default_5.0_hidpi” item.

5. Make sure your OS-level zoom is 200%. That’s the only zoom level the current HiDPI theme is designed for.
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