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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Hm, the installer packaged the file but didn't install it, sorry about that.

Go to the Options menu, Show REAPER resource path, and in that directory create a directory called ArticulationMaps.

Put this file in the new directory, and rename it to sample.ReaperArticulationMap.

(Annoyingly, the forum software has a character limit on allowed extensions, so I can't just attach it with the right name. We will probably change the official extension to ReaperArticMap or something because of this.)

One the directory is created and the file is in there, it should show up as an option to choose when you click the Artic button on the VSTi window. The sample file explains the file format but doesn't define any articulations, you'll need to make a copy with a new name and add articulations specific to whatever virtual instrument you are working with.
Thanks for the very detailed explanation. I look forward to giving it a go!
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