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I think nomenclature is debateably a choice of personal taste and who among us doesn't know cut and mute are the same thing....of course thinking about making something widely useable by even beginners....I agree there should be continuity to the conventions used, so the question becomes: is the theme something a beginner would use? And in this case I think it would definately attract new users, but It's a bit quirky and I immediately switched back to another theme. All in all I think there are some brilliant ideas that need a little more work, and as WT said he wanted us to have the code and look it over, so that's what I am doing and I wouldn't criticize anything but a final build. It's pretty to say the least, I am hoping the stockholm layout gets alot of attention. Big paws on a puppy. As far as the TCP concerns, there is no TCP. He simply copied and pasted the v5 TCP stuff into the theme so we could use it, and thats why there are lots of graphical problems> that is how things translated.
Us fanboys just read the explanation and introduction to the download link I guess.

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