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Originally Posted by bmanic View Post
.. and this is why I want White Tie to be the DICTATOR AND ABSOLUTE RULER of developing Reaper 6.0 theme. Designed-by-committee just doesn't work (sorry to the people that will undoubtly feel offended by this comment).

White Tie, you are the master!
Went down the 'donation' path with other Themes a couple times. One just died and fades to oblivion, the other has notable issues and developer is already working on a new Theme. NO MORE !!!

ALWAYS end up back at WT_Imperial
Would quickly trade shorter time to V5 for a handful of 'lesser' features !!!
OTH, it's clear that almost every User will argue over which features , so will impatiently wait for result WT finds acceptable.

GO IMPERIAL V5 !!!!!!!!!!
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