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Originally Posted by minerman View Post
Would you care to share the line(s) you edited so I can do the same???

FWIW, I've been playing around with a couple themes, gimp, & all kinds of stuff the last little while, but I'm still in the dark on a lot of it, it's trial/error for me.....
Download this Event Horizon X theme from Pri3s7, unpack and open up the rtconfig and look for these lines to get an idea...

set tcp.label.font [8]
set master.tcp.label.font [8]
set master.mcp.label.font [8]
set mcp.label.font [8]

*With the Default V5 theme I was able to add the 'set tcp.label.font [8]' line at the top under the global tcp section (like in the Event Horizon X theme) but the rest of the lines I had to add under the individual sections (MASTER TRACK CONTROL PANEL, MIXER, MASTER MIXER) to get them to work. So, you may have to experiment depending on the theme...

I'm new to all of this too... Maybe, someone else has better directions / knowledge? Trial and Error sounds like a good album title!
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