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Default Drum VST favorite

hey gang,

am posting looking please for advice/thoughts on what drum VST to get.

I have it narrowed down to:
-Native Instruments Studio Drummer
-Superior Drummer 2.0 with NY Legacy 2.0
-FXpansion BFD 3 with Percussion Expansion.

the first choice has the advantage of being cheaper.

here's my situation. I am an amateur level dude that loves to sing, play guitar, key and record myself (mostly singing and playing guitar, but I love it all.
I am in my late 50's.
recently, I played a Vdrum kit. I loved it. I am new to drumming, though. I bought a Vdrum kit.
now I want to get a VST to use with it.
I have done that, for digital pianos, and it is awesome.
for the drum VST, I really only want to get one for now.
thus my post, asking please for any help in choosing.
Happiest Holiday ever!!!
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