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Originally Posted by miche View Post
Sort peak appears to be broken (no change at all, no matter how samples are organized).
Confirmed on Reaper v4.58pre3a.


Some Reasamplomatic GUI thoughts:

The last sample (usually the highest velocity sample) should be shown in waveform view after adding mulitple samples. Currently it shows the lowest velocity, which has typically almost invisible waveform at default vertical zoom.

The sample number shown in the black square when triggering should stay longer visible.
Maybe the number should be cleared after note-off, or maybe it should always show the last played sample number.

There should be a sample number column in the list view.
And the triggered sample should be somehow indicated in the list when using MIDI input.
Maybe a highlighted trigger column showing the velocity received.

Triggering samples using double click in list view is a bit difficult. In normal waveform view triggering using mouse works with single click. That is much better. Same kind triggering should work also in list view.


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