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Originally Posted by medicine tactic View Post
You say it has nothing to do with other DAWs, and then immediately point to other "media apps" to support you point.
Yes, as in software design which has nothing to do with audio daws but with UI design. Photo editors, video editors, whatever. The only point is that it's not "Reaper vs. Cubase" but Reaper and the 99% of all pro media apps with a much more consistent UI.

But it always comes down to the "daw wars". Look at Photoshop, not a daw. Look at Corel Draw, not a daw. Look at anything Adobe that is not a daw. Are their UI's consistent? Do they all "suck" because they took the time to do that?

Anyway, I should have just kept my opinion to myself. Trying to inject logic only causes a non-contextual defensive ruckus.
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