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My own view -

You can now change the white backgrounds to different colours. But all the related bits assume a white background.
I regard "the related bits" as one area that was not considered at the time. The only people who can think though the consequences of an FR are the developers. No-one else has the necessary insight or knowledge. Certainly not me.

Gentle reader, just ask yourself this - did you know that lines of text for disabled functions assumed a background colour of white. I certainly did not, nor would it enter my mind.

The best any user can do is give the issue some consideration, think about the consequences, bearing in mind his / her imperfect level of knowledge then raise the issue as an FR or BR.

Looking at the Layouts window (and the others that are affected), I would not consider raising an FR to make a blurry line of text into a clear readable line of text. To me it's a bug.

Also, I should have asked years ago - what does TL/DR stand for?
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