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Originally Posted by merdave View Post
"Walter graphic designer software"

I am a retired person who has done some coding and I was thinking about doing a program like this too.

I have resisted WALTER because he is a very complex fellow and he communicates in a strange tongue.

So this would indeed be a huge amount of effort. At least a year of coding 10 hrs. / week. I will not exceed this limit because I am a code-aholic
and will not return to that lifestyle.

But I think there's enough info in these forums to get me started.

The graphical part is where I will need help to put together a quality bits-and pieces DB to be used by the user. Because any theme is only as good as its pixels.

This is the only post I will make about this subject uintil I run into something I need help with. It will be at least a year before alpha testing. Patience is a virtue. So don't hound me because it won't do any good.
Curious post, but you sound like you might actually deliver

Best of luck, and we'll look forward to it.
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