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I enjoy the work of many theme creators here. I switch it up from time to time.

Walter is a lot harder to work with IMHO. That is one reason we may have less activity in the theming parts of the forum.

Personally I can't be bothered investing time to 'program' GUI designs, just like close to nobody draws that way either.

Can't say I want to ask someone else to implement my ideas with this flexible, but very complex programming language for interface design.

As wonderful as the results by some have been, the way WALTER has to be written is an impediment that blocks a great deal of creativity from coming in to play. Whether that would result in some mediocre or even bad designs doesn't matter. The good ones would make the effort worth it.

But hey, let's be realistic. There's just three guys coding and this is not as important as other stuff is and that's just how it is.

When I get the chance I support themers with praise, suggestions and ... well, silence too sometimes. Maybe that's not a good thing.

IMO talking about it does help everyone, so let's keep doing that.
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