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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Do you guys think there is something REAPER could improve in this regard?
I don't know if this is possible for reaper, but if Reaper could just tell Melodyne "assume project tempo unless otherwise instructed" that would be great.

So, if a song is recorded at 90 beats per minute, regardless if it's actually AT those beats per minute, melodyne thinks it's at 90 bpm.

If the user wants melodyne to tempo map the piece, he can then do other things... but imo it should just do a number of things automatically...

we could have options in how files are treated with ARA, but I think right off the bat, it should just detect it in the background, save it's data about what it knows, and then you can manipulate later.

You insert melodyne
Melodyne gets access to the audio
melodyne gets all of the information it can about the audio (it can even detect the tempo it THINKS it is)
melodyne DOES nothing as far as adjustments
melodyne plays back, assuming tempo is correct

Then you can edit
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