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Default Melodyne ARA2

Hi all,

I've been playing with Reaper pre-release (5.96-pre6) and the latest Melodyne beta to check out the ARA2 capabilities. I'm on Celemony's beta list so I have a new, legal copy of the beta.

I have a very simple 1 track project with a clarinet and some leakage from a live performance. It plays fine. Then I add Melodyne VST3 to the track. Melodyne detects the audio and shows all its blobs fine.

Then if I play the project many notes are garbled and the tempo of the audio wanders all over the place, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. This seems very strange as I've not asked Melodyne to do anything yet, I've done absolutely no editing. It seems to me that the project should play exactly the same as before I added Melodyne as an FX.

Anyone with more experience have any ideas? Maybe I'm missing something obvious. I notified Celemony but I don't know if the problem is Melodyne or Reaper.

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