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Originally Posted by Philosofen View Post
I try to analyze music I listen to, but I guess my ears are not well trained enough to be able to focus on how parts come and go in alot of music, or how it's panned to create interest etc. so I need some concrete examples.

Anyways, I've lost myself! I hope I make sense and if not, the point is: Please help me turn my chord progression & song structure into a full song.
If for instance you have a good verse or verse + chorus, look for the very next chord but rewind the song far enough back while auditioning ideas that the big picture context will suggest the continuation.

Sometimes I make the mistake of writing one bar based only what happened in the last bar, rarely works out that way, need to go back a few bars and continue from there, maybe put it on a loop, when you find something that's good, use that as starting point for some adventures that sooner or later lead back to the main theme. Having said that, I've made more money in one night performing cover songs than all the original stuff I've done.
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