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Originally Posted by Daria91 View Post
Please suggest me a good condenser mic (under $100) for recording vocals for my small home studio.
I am currently looking at the AT2035 (condenser) and Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500, which is recommended by many people.
What are your thoughts and maybe own experience?

The key phrase SMALL HOME STUDIO

A local pro recording engineer did a demo where both instruments and vocals were recorded with iPad mics. yes the builtin mics .. by physically holding the ipad up to the singer's level.

Probably the iphone uses the same mics now (iphones get technology after the ipads do, mostly) so either one might do, but maybe iphone has more cancellation (& distortion) since it's meant to be held as a phone for the mic's use. So probably better to go with iPad for the test.

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