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Hi Dave,

I downloaded your template and I'll certainly look at these custom actions too. I've kicked myself into a project development to create a pedal board using the FCB1010 and the RPi4 to host Reaper. For me, being at the relatively early understanding stage of Reaper and Linux, it will no doubt be a long slow path to trod. But hopefully with some of the helpful people around here things should progress well? I'll probably establish a couple of test rigs to help the sub systems move along [and my learning...]. I'll set up a template on my W10 lappy with interface and FCB to test out the workflows I'm after and to work through the great work that others have gone down. Another test rig will be getting the RPi4 to host Reaper effectively. At some point I'll bring them together and have a working prototype that I can road test and work towards a bug free and reliable production version.
I've played guitar for many a year and gone through the pedals, loopers and gear chasing scenarios. I've convinced myself that the Pi can challenge the model of the high end devices and with Reaper offer something unique.

I guess that ramble is a pre-cursor for me to bug you for any help you can offer in the future? Cheers

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