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Well, rudeog,
the thing is, that JSFX parameters are exposed to OSC automatically (defined sliders..). So are also sliders of your midi seqencer, thats fine. BUT the steps here are done in different programming way - graphically (the same as megababy sequencer) and this is not directly auto-exposed to OSC as I know.
So would it be possible to map steps also to sliders somehow (as separate version of the plug), just thinking aloud... ;-/

I mean if you would do the seq.matrix (drum mode) like rows of sliders (say 16 in row for one note to be on/off for the step - that would be seen via OSC. Then for other notes the same ... well it would make of lotsa sliders and we have some maximum limit here, I think :-(

As I say again, I am only thinking.

Or more elegant - Hey Justin, are there functions to do this for graphical objects like we have here (and of course in megababy, too), please?

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