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hi rudeog

in playing with you plugin, I just noticed something... maybe user error but if so hopefully someone will clear me up...

OK so this should provide the example:

put whatever VSTi on a track and stochasticizer on same track

clearly works fine

Now put another copy of stochas on a second track, give it some different notes and settings and send its midi to the track with the VSTi...

I expected that midi data would be sent from both instances of stochasticizer to the VSTi... but that does not work

The second instance will only trigger the VSTi IF the first instance is bypassed...
so this can be done with an automation lane for the instance... but

I do wonder if something can be done to allow multiple instances of it on other tracks to send midi to a VSTi all at the same time?
...should be fixed for the next build...
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