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Default Editing multiple MIDI clips in ME?


I have 2 adjacent MIDI clips selected in a track, and the Time Selection spans those 2 items. I don't want to glue them at this point, but I do want them to appear together in the MIDI editor. So with just that track selected I selected "Open items in MIDI editor > Open all MIDI items in selected tracks in one editor".

The Time Selection I set actually starts around bar 60, but the highlighted clip is the first in the track, rather than the 2 I selected.

Then I thought maybe I have to select the Time range *after* the MIDI is loaded in the Editor, but that doesn't work either.

I also tried selecting the 2 clips and using "Open items with built-in MIDI editor", but I can't find a way to make the playback continue past the first clip unless I select it.

Please help me understand, since I'm sure I'm making this more difficult than it is!

[3.35, but I see the same behavior in 3.36pre2]


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