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Default Melodyne 5 ARA and Reaper freeze?

just discovered a curious thing:
Win7-64, Reaper 6.11, Melodyne 5

I hope others will test it and report back...

OK say we have a bit of audio on a track with Melodyne 5 VST3 and ARA
AND we alter the audio with Melodyne...
Then say we'd like to freeze that to just be left with the altered audio on that track...
OK trying that Reaper will tell us it is not supported, suggests doing that via render to stem, etc., ..and just will not do the freeze

However, if you look here:
in my post #6
you can get from the stash a custom action I have made to do what I call a "SPECIAL FREEZE"...
Now the strange part.... IF I run the SPECIAL FREEZE action on that audio track that has Melodyne on it, I DO GET a frozen track version of the original ...just as it normally would.

VERY Curious.... and I'm happy to know it works....
But maybe with Melodyne 5, the DEV's might consider that Reaper actually can freeze the tracks???
...should be fixed for the next build...
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